Parish Supper Thanks!

parish-supper-st-hedwig-church-03We had a successful parish supper on August 18th realizing a profit of $25,574.08 with 741 served. This was accomplished through the hard work and sacrifice of all the volunteers who worked to make this supper run so very smoothly.
Thank you to Mary Trebinskie who oversaw the supper and to Rose Kulas, her assistant.
Thank you also to all of the entertainers whose music was enjoyed by everyone and to everyone who attended and enjoyed the delicious meal!
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Annual Lenten Collection

25-cnewa-jordanThis collection is taken up on Good Friday. Proceeds are shared amongst religious communities and apostolates that have a connection with the diocese to be used for their work with the poor. Funds will also be directed to the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support. This year Bishop Mulhall will focus on three areas helped by the Pope's agency: Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

The following information regarding these areas have been provided for us:

Egypt: Christianity came to Egypt with the apostle Mark. Now, Christians are leaving to escape poverty,
discrimination and sometimes outright persecution. Six Christians were murdered Christmas Eve outside a church in
the village of Nag Hamadi.

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Making This Lent Different

07-lent-seekThe highest point in the Church's year of prayer is the Sacred Paschal Triduum celebrating the dying and rising of the Lord Jesus. We prepare for this three-day period by the season of Lent and prolong it for the great 50 days of the Easter Season.

Lent has a double purpose. It helps the catechumens to prepare of celebrating their Baptism, Confirmtion, and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil and invites those who are baptized to prepare through penance and prayer to renew their baptismal vows at the vigil. During Lent, Gods people do not sing “alleluia” until the believing community has undergone conversion and is ready to sing this chant with renewed meaning during the Easter Vigil. Flowers are not used to decorate the altar or the area around it throughout the season. Musical instruments are used only to give necessary support to singing, not for solo playing.

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The Sacrament of Penance


hearing-confessionThe Sacrament of Penance is such a gift! It can be very hard to do -- it can be intimidating, embarrassing -- but once absolution is given, you will walk out of that confessional feeling like a trillion bucks. Christ, in His most Holy Wisdom, gave us this precious Sacrament to literally and truly bestow His grace upon us through His priests as a means of forgiving us and assuring us of His mercy and love for us. This psychological benefit of "feeling assured" and "clean again" stems not only from the supernatural fruits of the Sacrament, but from our human nature and our need to purge ourselves of those things that plague our consciences.

Christ, the Great Physician, knows us well and knows that "confession is good for the soul," in both a supernatural and psychological sense. As G.K. Chesterton wrote:    When a Catholic comes from confession, he does truly, by definition, step out into that dawn of his own beginning... in that brief ritual God has really remade him in His own image. He may be grey and gouty; but he is only five minutes old.

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Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

24-Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - The Return of the Prodigal Son - detail sonThe message is clear: there are sins which are nothing short of horrible, but God will never turn down a repentant sinner. As a matter of fact, we do not even have to implore for God’s mercy: it is always offered, but the terrible fact is that man can turn it down, preferring damnation to mercy.

Kierkegaard speaks also of this metaphysical rebellion: “… rather than seek help he would prefer to be himself – with all the tortures of hell, if it must be.”

The Christian attitude is superbly expressed in Dietrich von Hildebrand’s words. While discussing the horror of Nazis with a friend whose mother died in a concentration camp, he said, “If Hitler were dying in jail and begged for a glass of water, I would hasten to give it to him.” His friend was shocked, but he was right.

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