Parish Renovation Pledges

parish-renovation-pledges1Planning and work on our renovations cannot proceed until pledge sheets have been submitted. Please send your pledge sheet now!
Those who have not responded to our appeal will receive a request for assistance by mail. We need to know who will or will not be contributing. Also, when submitting your donations please CLEARLY MARK the amount on your envelope.


Some parishioners have added their contribution to their regular offering without indicating that a portion is for the renovation account. When processing the Sunday collection it
is difficult to remember what amount is contributed each week by a parishioner when his envelope is distinguished by number and not by name; therefore, if you do not clearly indicate that a portion of the money in the envelope is for renovations, we will presume it is for your regular weekly collection.
If possible, it is preferable to use a separate envelope marked “renovation pledge” with your name, and your collection envelope number.
Some good soul has been contributing a donation in an envelope marked “renovation account” without a name or envelope number. Consequently, we will not be able to issue him an income tax receipt and he will likely be the recipient of a letter from the parish.
Donations can be made online in monthly installments:
To date:
# of Pledges 103 | Amount Pledged $88,755.00 | Amount Received $36,092.00
God Bless you for your generosity!


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