A Christmas Gift for Jesus: Little Strands of Hay

In celebrating the Solemnity of Christmas a long established custom of gift giving has developed in the Western world. In this spirit of giving, it seems most appropriate to offer something to the One whose birthday we are celebrating.
Since the Christ Child does not need any material gift but delights in spiritual offerings, we once again invite all parishioners to participate in making a spiritual offering to Jesus during the Season of Advent.


As in past years we have erected the stable in the church and invite everyone to place one single strand of hay for each prayer, spiritual exercise, act of service, kind word, generous offering, and penitential deed performed for love of Jesus during the four weeks prior to Christmas. We ask that this offering be done with serious reflection and intent.
Consequently, it is important to only place one strand of hay for each act. It may be tempting to throw a handful of hay without reflecting on something actually done but with a fleeting thought that we have done many different things of a charitable nature. This defeats the purpose of taking the time to actually engage ourselves in a particular act for love of Jesus.
Making this effort will truly warm the heart of Jesus and help each of us to be more deliberate and aware of our relationship with
Him. Please take part in this simple, childlike exercise!


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