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12-catholic-library-02Online Library of Articles: The documents here address current confusions and concerns common among the general population and many Catholics. They are to be considered as supplementary reading for the Rite to Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

They are no substitute for reading the Catechism.





1. Why bother believing? by Msgr. F. M. Dolan
2. Spiritual not Religious by Dr. Donald De Marco
3. You Gotta Have Faith! edited from a book by Peter Kreeft

4. Does God Exist? by Fr.L. Harrison
5. Evil Did God Create it? Is He to Blame? by Fr.L. Harrison
6. Trinity by Fr.L. Harrison

7. Adam, Eve and Evolution Source: Catholic Answers, 2004
8. The Beauty of Creation by Rev. D. McManaman
9. Angels by Peter Kreeft
10. Catholicism & Extraterrestrial Life by Benjamin D. Wiker

11. The Holy Bible Source: Rational Christianity � Christian Apologetics, an Evangelical Protestant website
12. Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability by Ron Rhodes
13. The Bible and the Church: Both or Neither by Scott Hahn
14. Making "Sense" Out of Scripture by Edward Sri
15. Why the Catholic Bible has seven more books! Deuterocanonical! by Fr.L. Harrison
16. How To Read Scripture Like Jesus and The Apostles by Steven Kellmeyer (abridged)

17. Did Jesus really exist? Source: God Questions Ministries."
18. Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell
19. Jesus and Me? Not Exactly. by George Weigel
20. Jesus Christ, God and Man by Fr. William G. Most
21. Jesus Lunatic, Liar, Legend or Lord compiled from Hunter & Kreeft

22. The Uniqueness of Christianity by Peter Kreeft
23. Religion: A Source of Division? by Doug McManaman
24. What Makes the Catholic Faith Unique? by Mark P. Shea
25. Catholic Church�s Unbroken History Source: Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth: The Catholic Church and God's Plan for You (1997) by Catholic Answers.
26. The Structure Of The Church Source: Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth: The Catholic Church and God's Plan for You (1997) by Catholic Answers.
27. Is There Salvation Outside the Church? By Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Praem

28. The Existence & Immortality of the Soul by Fr.L. Harrison
29. What is Heaven Really Like? by Jimmy Akin
30. Hell by Peter Kreeft
31. Purgatory by Fr.L. Harrison
32. Preparation "H": A Reflection on Life as a Preparation for Heaven by Deacon Doug McManaman

33. The Seven Sacraments Source: Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth: The Catholic Church and God�s Plan for You, Catholic Answers,
34. The Mass Explained by Cormac Burke
35. Biblical Texts Related to Catholic Liturgy by Felix Just, SJ
36. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist by Frank Sheed
37. 8 Reasons to Go to Mass by Thomas Lickona
38. The Forgiveness of Sins. Sourced from Catholic Answers
39. How to Make a Good Confession. adapted from
40. The Limits of Forgiveness. by Jimmy Akin

41. Why a male priesthood? by Peter Kreeft
42. Why a celibate priesthood? by Karl Keating, addendum by Fr. Lindsay Harrison
43. Why call priest's "Father"? by Fr. Mario Romero, Unabridged Christianity: Biblical Answers to Common Objections About the Roman Catholic Faith
44. "Pedophile Priests". by Philip Jenkins

45. The Sacrament of Marriage by Peter Kreeft
46. The Nature of Sex and Marriage by Frank Sheed
47. Same-Sex "Marriage" by Fr. Lindsay Harrison
48. Wives Obey Your Husbands? by Deacon Doug McManaman
49. Annulments by James Akin
50. The Facts of Life and Marriage by W. Bradford Wilcox
51. Living Together a letter from the Bishops of Pennsylvania
52. The Top Ten Myths of Divorce by David Popenoe
53. How Can I Keep My Kids Catholic? by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

54. The Ten Commandments by Scott Hahn
55. The Beatitudes by Peter Kreeft
56. Sunday or Sabbath by Catholic Answers and John Salza
57. Third Commandment by Mark Shea
58. A Reasoned Argument Against Abortion by Fr. Lindsay Harrison
59. Rape/Incest and Abortion source:
60. Capital Punishment by Edward Hayes, et al, Catholicism and Life
61. The Church's Just War Theory by Fr. William Saunders
62. Euthanasia by Priests for Life Canada
63. Freedom to Die? by Father Frank Pavone
64. Euthanasia: Always to Care, Never to Kill Source: Wall Street Journal
65. In Vitro Fertilization by Dr. Helen Watt
66. Stem Cell Research: Is there a moral way? by Donald DeMarco
67. Thinking Twice: In Vitro Fertilization and Cloning by Dr. Helen Watt
68. NaproTechnology by Dr. Steve Hickner
69. Homosexuality and Natural Law by J. Budziszewski (modified)
70. Homosexuality by Catholic Answers

71. The Seven Deadly Sins from multiple sources
72. Values vs Virtues by Ian Benson
73. Sham Honesty by Dietrich von Hildebrand
74. Catholics and Hypocrites by Donald Demarco
75. A Clarification on the Meaning of "Conscience" by Deacon Doug McManaman
76. Taking Issue with the Church by Deacon Doug McManaman
77. A Refutation of Moral Relativism by Peter Kreeft
78. Human Nature as the Basis for Morality by Peter Kreeft

79. Ten Building Blocks of Catholic Social Teaching by William Byron
80. Beliefs and the Separation of Church and State by the Canadian Catholic Information Network
81. Politics and the Supremacy of God by Doug McManaman
82. Pope Joan. Source: Wikipedia, with endnote from Listverse
83. Recent Developments in the Study of the Great European Witch Hunt by Jenny Gibbons, a self-professed witch
84. The Myth of Hitler's Pope by Thomas Woods Jr., with two additional appendices.
85. The Myth of Vatican Wealth by John Allen Jr., and The Wealth of the Catholic Church, excerpt from Catholic Replies by Father James Drummey. Additional Endnotes by Fr. Lindsay harrison.
86. The Bad Popes by James Drummey and Patrick Madrid. Additional Endnotes by Fr. Lindsay harrison.
87. The Myth of the Flat Earth by James Hannam Additional Endnote by Fr. Lindsay harrison.
88. Is Human Population Really the Problem by Jeff Lindsay. Additional Endnote by Fr. Lindsay harrison.
89. Overpopulation by Priests for Life


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