Even the Demons Know the Creed

Eucharistic-procession-through-campus2-1024x767An authentic knowing and love for Jesus must animate a sowing of the Eucharistic encounter.

This encounter in faith, explained Pope Francis, always leads a Christian to move outward toward others.

“Faith always leads to witness. Faith is a meeting with Jesus Christ, with God, and it is born from that and leads you to witness.”

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A breath of life for an old religion

evangelii-guadiumPope Francis's game plan is a stunning and inspiring document.

I have read many Papal documents. I am a Catholic and a journalist and it comes with the territory. But never, ever, have I read anything as stunning as Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), the first major document penned by Pope Francis.

There is nothing new in Evangelii Gaudium. Nothing at all. Perhaps that is the secret of its charm and power. It is a challenge for Christians to scrape back the layers of paint and dust and soot which have darkened the glowing light of the Gospel message.

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The Crack of Doom

Doom-Painting-CoventryIn medieval English churches a standard architectural/artistic element of the liturgical environment was the Doom painting in the tympanum of the western wall of the Church. This depiction of the Last Judgment was located above the doors of the Church, so that it could be seen by the people as the exited the building.  ”Doom,” in this sense, is a synonym for Judgment Day.  Thus, the Crack of Doom, does not refer to some opening in the earth from which proceeds the apocalyptic judgment, but, the moment in time when the impending judgment is announced by the “crack” of thunder and trumpet blast.

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At Your Beginning

our-lady-signIn many Vietnamese families, there exists a beautiful and unique tradition. When a baby turns three months old, he is given a party and an entire pig is roasted in his honor. The family feasts on the pig and rejoices that the baby has reached this milestone. Yet, one may ask, why is this such an important milestone? Why make such a fuss over three months? The reason is simple and beautiful: the family does this because their child has reached a major milestone. Their child is actually a year old because he has spent nine months in the womb. He is one year old because life begins at conception.

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Pope launches appeal to end global hunger


Organised by Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican-based federation of Catholic charities, the global “wave of prayer” will begin at noon on December 10 on the South Pacific island of Samoa and head west across the world’s time zones.

Pope Francis will offer his blessing and support for the “One Human Family, Food For All” campaign in a five-minute video message being released on the eve of the global launch.

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