Michael O'Brien's William Kurelek: Painter and Prophet

michael-obrien-book-signing2In "William Kurelek: painter and prophet" Michael O'Brien brings to life a great artist whose work embodies his passionate faith as it was lived out in an agonizing struggle waged against the forces of disintegration both within himself and in modern society. This book is a unique achievement by a writer who shares both Kurelek's faith and his vocation.

"Michael O'Brien explodes old caricatures and intelligently articulates the theological nuance and empathy that lay at the heart of William Kurelek's moral and artistic worldview.


Whether or not we share the artist's faith and urgency, we cannot but be moved by the depth of understanding that O'Brien brings to this modern prophet." ~ Andrew Kear, Curator of Historical Canadian Art, Winnipeg Art Gallery, and co-author of the exhibition catalogue "William Kurelek: The Messenger (2011)"

Michael O'Brien is a well-known painter and writer. He has worked as a professional artist since 1970 and has held more than forty exhibits across North America. He is the author of ten novels which have been translated into several languages. His first published novel, Father Elijah, was a worldwide bestseller. He has written numerous other books and essays. Waiting: Stories for Advent, Remembrance of the Future: Reflections on Our Times, Winter Tales, and Arriving Where We Started: Faith and Culture in a Postmodernist Age are also published by Justin Press. Michael O'Brien and his wife Sheila have six children and live near Combermere, Ontario, Canada.


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