shjlogoArticle I:

The name of the organization is The Sacred Heart League of St. Hedwig Parish.

Article II:


The basic premise of the League is to promote devotion and to offer reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the observance of the First Friday devotions and the Morning Offering which unites the prayers of each member to the intentions of our Holy Father, the Pope.

Article III:

I.) The general purpose of the monthly meetings is to provide a forum for the officers of the League and attending members to manage all issues that pertains to the League.
II.) Meetings should be held in a place other than the church itself.

III.) Meetings should always begin with a prayer.

Article IV:

I.) Fees for membership are $5.00 per individual, $20.00 per (nuclear) family, payable upon
application for membership. Membership is perpetual and these one-time fees entitle members
to a share in all of the benefits offered by the League.

II.) A list of all members, living and deceased, should be made and kept by the Promoter.

III.) The membership fee may change if circumstances warrant such a change.

Article V:

As the Sacred Heart League is comprised of men and women, any member of either gender, may hold positions within the organization as a member of the executive or its committees.

I.) The executive consists of the following who shall hold office without remuneration:

a. Director of the League who always is the Pastor of St. Hedwig Parish
b. President
c. Vice-President
d. Correspondence Secretary
e. Recording Secretary
f. Treasurer
g. Promoter


II.) The following committees will be headed by chairmen:

a. Religious Store
b. Social Committee
c. Spiritual Affairs
III.) If the membership is unable to elect individuals to the executive or leadership of committees, the Director can appoint members.

IV.) Election of officers will take place every two years. Officers will be elected by those of the general membership at the annual meeting in May. Elections will take place by way of secret ballot. The candidate with the highest number of votes by those present is elected. If there is an equal number of votes between two candidate, a second secret ballot will take place between these two. If this vote is inconclusive, the candidate who is senior by age will assume the office. The consent of each candidate must be obtained before the candidate's name is placed for nomination. Additional nominations may be made from the floor provided that the candidate is present. No member may make more than one nomination for each office. The President will appoint two scrutineers who will count the ballots and report the result of the

V.) Immediately upon election, officers will take their places on the executive.

VI.) The same President will not hold office for more than two consecutive terms of two years each.

VII.) Regular meetings will be held for the general membership on a monthly basis on a day and at a time to be determined by the membership, except for the months of June, July and August. Executive meetings shall be held at times determined by the President and Director.

VIII.) Minutes of all regular meetings will be kept by the Recording Secretary.

IX.) All meetings will be held with due respect given to proper parliamentary procedures.

X.) Committee chairmen and, if necessary, co-chairmen, will be appointed by the President. The committee chairman has the authority to recruit members for the committee from among the whole League. Standing committee chairmen will serve for a period of two years, but may be reappointed any number of times.

XI.) Special committees may be appointed by the President for a particular work provided such work does not infringe upon that already assigned to a Standing Committee.

sacred-heart-of-jesus-on-parchmentArticle VI:

I.) The signing officers for the organization shall be the President and Treasurer or Recording Secretary. Two signatures will be required on all cheques. Bills are paid only after payment has been approved at a meeting of the League.

II.) The Treasurer will be supplied with an adequate system of records so that all finances can be recorded and dispersed in good manner. It will be the Treasurers responsibility to comply with the wishes of the executive.

III.) With the approval of the President, the Vice-President and Secretary, the Treasurer is authorized to make an expenditure each December for a gift for the Pastor, other clergy, parish staff and others at the discretion of the membership.

IV.) The organization will be operated for the benefit of the parish on a profit basis and any funds on hand in the event of the dissolution of the League will be placed at the disposal of the parish for its use or to be otherwise distributed to other charities after consultation with the Director and active membership.

Article VII:

The general duties of the Officers will be as follows:

I.) The President will preside at all meetings. The President will appoint members of all committees that are not elected after consultation with the Director and persons under consideration for the committees. The President will have the power to remove committee members not performing their duties of office in the interests of the membership after discussion with the person concerned and consultation with the Director. Publicity, advertisements of social events, etc., will be made by the President. Letters containing money must be signed by the President & Treasurer or the Recording Secretary & Treasurer. The President will call meetings in accordance with article V unless determined otherwise by the membership.

II.) The Vice-President will assist the President and assume the President's duties when the latter is absent.

III.) The Recording Secretary will act as the secretary of the Executive and the organization. This person will post notices of the meetings if required and perform other duties common to the position of a secretary.

IV.) The Corresponding Secretary will be responsible for courtesy cards. This person will also arrange for bursaries to be distributed to local graduates after having consulted with the Director.

V.) The Treasurer will receive and deposit all monies paid to the organization in a designated banking account, pay all bills approved by the Executive and keep an accurate record of all receipts. All books and financial records will be made available for audit upon request.

VI.) The Promoter will keep a current record of all members, living and deceased, and will be responsible to record the names of any new members.

VII.) The person in charge of the Religious Store will keep an adequate store of religious articles to meet the spiritual and devotional requirements of the parish.

VIII.) The Social Committee will be responsible for all refreshments, entertainment and meals not otherwise arranged by the organization. This committee will also arrange for visits of the sick at home or social visits and events at the local hospital and Valley Manor.

IX.) The Spiritual Committee will be responsible for arranging prayer services at the wake of someone whose burial will take place at the parish. This involves informing members of the time to gather and arranging for individuals to lead prayers. The family of members will also receive a card notifying them that the deceased will have a Mass offered for their soul. On the First Friday of November, a Mass will be offered for all deceased members. A Mass will be offered for all living members on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. A Mass for the retiring President and all officers will be offered before a new election. A member of this committee will also acquire gifts for the children being baptized, those receiving their First Communion, Confirmandi, and couples being married.

X.) Resignation from an office must be given in writing with one months notice unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Article VIII:

Amendments to this constitution must be made according to the following regulations:

I.) When an amendment to this constitution is proposed, it must be submitted to the whole membership in writing at least one month before a duly appointed Constitution Committee, that is, one appointed by the Director in consultation with the President, will be established. After the proposal has been reviewed, the membership will be advised of the meeting at which a vote on the proposal will be taken.

II.) A two thirds majority of the members present is necessary to carry the amendment.

III.) In case of grave necessity, the Director, by virtue of his official position as the Director of the League, may act contrary to this Constitution.