Building Restoration



Please help us repair our old Church in time for the parish centenary in 2014. Extensive structual work is required along with re-painitng and repairing the main church to bring it not just back to its original beauty but to prevent further deterioration.

We do not wish our homes to fall into disrepair. Disorder brings a sense of helplessness which requires great effort to overcome. The longer we wait the more difficult the task will become. 

Please be generous in repairing the Lord's house where we are priveledged as his children to worship him and where he gives us himself through the sacramental life. St. Hedwig's Church serves the spiritual and temporal needs of a growing and diverse community. We will need to raise $500,000 in total. A breakdown of costs is forthcoming after the renovation bid and approval from Bishop Mulhall are finalized.

Online donations can be made personally at the Church Office, by mail, or by secure donation online and receive your tax deductible receipt instantly.

Give Christ the best!